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Why US?

Why bring a professional personal fitness trainer into your life?

The main reason most people opt for a personal trainer because they are not getting the results they desire out of their current fitness efforts or because they are not comfortable beginning a fitness regimen without expert guidance.

When you choose to bring me into your quest for fitness, you will discover how much easier finding fitness can be with a trained expert by your side. All you need to do is push for accomplishments and communicate to me how your body is reacting to your workout programme – I'll do the rest – for you! If you wish to adjust your fitness target, no need to worry about what changes need to be made – as your trainer, I will sort that all out for you and then explain how those changes will help you reach your goals.


For many years I have suffered from a weak lower back causing me extreme discomfort. I began my personal training sessions with Vik after being persuaded by my mother and was rather reluctant.

However, I can only describe the experience as more than beneficial. To begin, I have not only strengthened my back but also greatly improved my level of fitness. No doubt, many-a-time I would have given up after a mere five minutes, however I can only commend Vik on his determination to keep his clients motivated and strive towards their goal.

Additionally, his professionalism along with his genuine interest in the well-being of his clients is praiseworthy. I have been very happy with my sessions and can only highly recommend Vik.

Bhumika Vaswani

Montessori Teacher

I have been dedicated to physical fitness for years and have pursued training and certifications that allow me to offer the finest, most up-to-date personal fitness training possible. To give you the best support, I have:

  • YMCA Personal Training Level 3 Certification – with over 1,000 hours applied training
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting Training
  • BioSignature Modulation Training (Fast Weight Loss & Muscle Sculpting)
  • Lifestyle Coaching Training
  • Swimming Teach ASA level 1

You may only be reaching a limited percentage of your fitness potential – with me as your personal trainer, you can reach your highest potential – safely and confidently.