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Lesley knew after 4 seasons Vik was the right trainer for her:

“I’m enjoying my sessions with Vik. He’s exactly the type of trainer I need as it is obvious after only 4 sessions that he will never listen to any of my very long list of excuses as to why I can’t do exercises! He has a positive attitude to my training and the fact that I will see improvements as long as I work with him on the food and cardio too.”

Tom Schafernaker, who just turned 30, brought me in to help him get trim and fit. He says:

If you want to be worked hard then Vik’s your man! That’s the bottom line…

I’ve had plenty of PT sessions with Vik over the year, and I have to say, it’s been definitely worth it! I’m fitter than I’ve ever been.

Above all, by training with Vik, I’ve learnt how to work-out more effectively and efficiently when I’m by myself. He has taught me some great all-in-one cardio and resistance methods which are easy to follow but tough!

Vik quickly learns what you’re capable of so you can be sure you’ll be pushed each time…and that’s the key! It’s very easy to fall into a stagnation with your workouts but with Vik you’ll do certain exercises you wouldn’t necessarily attempt yourself. It’s precisely these new methods which have helped me to reach some of my goals…and I’m still reaching new ones.

Clearly, you will need to work hard and be dedicated as well as eat appropriately…and all the rest. Think of Vik’s PT sessions as a good foundation and fantastic motivation to everything you’ll have to do to stay on track!

I’m 5’9 in height and just turned 30. Last year, I dropped down from a 34in waist to a 30, and my weight fell from 84kg to 71kg. With Vik’s sessions I’m now getting in better shape by the month.

Bhumika Vaswani came to me suffering from lower back pain. She says:

For many years I have suffered from a weak lower back causing me extreme discomfort. I began my personal training sessions with Vik after being persuaded by my mother and was rather reluctant. However, I can only describe the experience as more than beneficial. To begin, I have not only strengthened my back but also greatly improved my level of fitness. No doubt, many-a-time I would have given up after a mere five minutes, however I can only commend Vik on his determination to keep his clients motivated and strive towards their goal. Additionally, his professionalism along with his genuine interest in the well-being of his clients is praiseworthy. I have been very happy with my sessions and can only highly recommend Vik.

Sunil Purohit is experienced in fitness, having followed a personal training programme in the past. He says:

As a regular gym member who has already been through a personal training programme in the past I was a little skeptical about the value of a personal trainer for someone like me. However the mini-programme’s that I have been through with Vik have been instrumental in helping to re-invigorate my gym sessions, achieve my training goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Vik helped me to define my personal training goals and to consider these in the context of wider lifestyle changes. The training programme that he devised for me included many new workouts which have resulted in more enjoyable and productive gym sessions.

Mark White, a 43 year old, has pushed forward with fitness at a time when many take to their easy chair. He says:

I used to think I was quite a fit lad – and knew how to work all the gym equipment and free weights to get the best out of them… Vik showed me how wrong I was, on both counts!

I’ll never forget my first training session with him. I came away from that as shocked as I was sore. Vik knows just how far to push you. He’s tough, but also inspiring. When you think you can’t find the strength for another set, or for just one more minute of cardio, he’s there urging you on – encouraging you to reach for that extra ounce of energy.

I’ve noticed a huge leap forward in my fitness levels in the time I’ve been training with Vik… but that doesn’t mean the sessions are any easier He continues to push me, to get the best out of me and ensure I’m constantly striving for the next level.

Vik has also taught me how to work out much more effectively when I’m on my solo training days – and I find I’m pushing myself much more than I ever did in the past, seeing the results of Vik’s PT sessions and determined to build on that.

I’m 43 years old, a time of life when many people opt for a more sedate life, when the battle to stay fit is just too much of a struggle. With Vik’s help, I can honestly say I feel fitter now than I ever have and am determined to continue on a path to even greater fitness. Vik is tough but fair… fun but determined to ensure I get the best out of my sessions.

He is an inspiration and a credit to himself. I thank him very much for the work he has done and continues to do for me.

Clare Bloufield wanted to maintain her workouts during a 2 week stay in London. She says:

I had two weeks in London before moving to Edinburgh staying with my sister who used Vik as her personal trainer. Having used a personal trainer in Zurich for the last 3 years and not having done any weight training for a month, it was a good opportunity to try someone new and get back into weights. I had 4 sessions in the 2 weeks and really felt that I was pushed – I hadn’t realised how comfortable I had got with my previous routine. Interval training in particular was new to me – I knew it was a good way to get fitter but had never really used it. I would recommend Vik as I am sure my sister would also.