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I’m excited to find you visiting my site and I believe you’re going to find the information and support you’re looking for. I encourage you to explore, consider the programme options I offer, and Contact me with your questions or to schedule a consultation.

I am passionate about helping you improve your quality of life through bespoke fitness programme's that bring you exactly the results you hope for and your body needs. I will be your partner in your journey to a fit and robust life. If you make the decision to take me on as your personal fitness trainer, we will work closely together as a team to create a fitness programme that produces reliable results – that will rock your world!

I work with people of all ages, male and female, and all body types. Each of my clients is an individual and their particular circumstances and needs are carefully considered when I recommend a fitness training programme.

Some of the fitness and health issues being tackled by clients are:

Weight Loss

Nearly everyone has felt the need to reduce their body fat at some time – and whether that need was triggered by the wish to look your best at a special event, wanting to improve your sports performance or to address a health concern – your success is better assured with my support and guidance. Through a fitness programme designed to target your specific weight loss circumstance, we can accomplish your fitness goal in record time – safely! Plus, you will learn how to establish simple routines that will help you maintain your weight loss and your new level of fitness.

Health Concerns

Many people are coping with medical issues everyday that can benefit tremendously from a well-planned fitness programme. You may be faced with such issues as Diabetes Type 1 & 2, High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol, Arthritis, or even simple joint pain. I can help you reach a new level of fitness which will support you controlling the damaging effects of all these health issues. Whether your fitness is physician-directed or you are simply looking for more flexibility, a better outlook on life, and overall improved body functions – we can design a programme that is most beneficial to your circumstances.

Build Muscle & Tone Up

Both men and women have the desire to increase their lean tissue and tone existing muscles. With my help, you can do both – with a programme that is safe, produces rapid results, and teaches you how to maintain your new physique. From proper breathing to the most efficient execution of an exercise, we will work together to accomplish sculpting a new you. If you are already pursuing a fitness programme on your own, I promise you will see greater improvement with a programme I develop that is customised to your specific needs and goals.

Sport-Specific Fitness

Whether you play a sport for recreation or as a serious commitment, you want a body that gives you the power you need, when you need it – and you don’t want to risk injuries doing it. I can evaluate your current fitness level for the sport you play and design a fitness programme that will develop your body strengths while adding protection and resistance to injury. All sports require strength, but stamina and flexibility – combined with strength – allow you to take your game to the top.

My commitment to your fitness is wholehearted and I will do everything in my power to support your progress. We are a team and your success is my success – together we are an unstoppable force!