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Why bring a professional personal fitness trainer into your life?

Anyone who wishes to reach their greatest fitness potential through expertly developed and monitored fitness programme's.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what shape you’re in, or how knowledgeable you are about fitness – a personal fitness trainer is indispensable for ensuring you achieve what you desire and do it without injury.

As your personal fitness trainer, I will teach you about your body, your mind, and how to bring them together to accomplish a fitness level you never thought was possible. I will develop a fitness programme that is specifically tailored to your physical needs and status – a programme that adjusts with you as you progress in your levels of fitness.

Personal Trainer Near Me

As a regular gym member who has already been through a personal training programme in the past I was a little skeptical about the value of a personal trainer for someone like me. However the programme's that I have been through with Vik have been instrumental in helping to re-invigorate my gym sessions, achieve my training goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Vik helped me to define my personal training goals and to consider these in the context of wider lifestyle changes. The training programme that he devised for me included many new workouts which have resulted in more enjoyable and productive gym sessions.

Sunil Purohit


Everyone can benefit from the influence of a personal trainer – especially one who is committed to them – and partners with them – like I will.

If you look in the mirror and wish you saw something different, if your doctor has urged you to make lifestyle changes, if your wedding is in 3 months and the dress of your dreams is 1 size too small – a personal fitness trainer can make the positive difference in your life.